About Diggle Community Brass

Diggle Community Brass is a new, happy band of musicians and supporters, comprising:

  • Diggle Community Brass Band
  • Diggle Community Brass Learning and Development Group

We love our Diggle base and we are part of local banding traditions, especially Whit Friday, but we perform in the wider world of music and play with friends from elsewhere in the UK and Belgium too.

A Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) established in 2020, our players cover a wide age range, school age to retirement.

Dusky skies – evening outdoor rehearsal

We are happy to provide a home for learners, adults and young people, besides established players. We are proud of having given early opportunities to youngsters who are now professional musicians at top levels. We also include non playing members who support and give important practical help to the bands. We take our music seriously, for maximum enjoyment amongst ourselves and for the pleasure and entertainment of audiences, but we make no excuses about extending the pleasure of banding through social events and travel. We like to think that being part of the band is more than just rehearsing and playing; the band becomes part of us. We contribute to community events, particularly at Whit Friday, Christmas, and Remembrance Day, and we perform at concerts, weddings and similar entertainments.

We are proud of our Saddleworth roots and heritage, and recognise that our DNA includes many admirable qualities inherited from The Diggle Band. Most of our original members previously came from component groups in this high ranking band organisation where we had been created, developed and generously supported. This enabled us to strike out and develop our own initiatives, allowing The Diggle Band to focus even more on its own performing excellence.  We happily continue to share the same operating base and benefit from a number of other facilities. We are always pleased to welcome new players and guests; it enhances our pleasure and it keeps the spirit of banding burning brightly.  We are open to anyone and everyone who shares our objectives.

We are a Fourth Section Band for identity and the options it provides, but we are not a contest ranking-focussed band.  We are selective about contests and will only enter when we have a full available complement of our own rehearsed players. The Band rehearses every Friday at 7.30.  Two hours of working music practice, then usually we stay for a chat and a drink in our cosy, newly refurbished Diggle Band Club.

We hold another rehearsal on Wednesdays at 7.30, a little more relaxed to match the greater pressures on mid-week time. The Learning and Development Group meets from 6.30 to 7.30 on Friday evening. We welcome learners of all ages and abilities, and can offer instrument loan, so if you fancy having a go, why not come along?

We enjoy the here and now, but we want to continue into a bright banding future; if you do too, you are welcome to join us. Send a message to using our contact us page